Alison Fleming


>The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is the reason I came to be passionate about all things "saving the Elephant" (from extinction, from ivory poaching).

I simply just fancied sharing these links with you!

The Trust has an Orphan's Project where you can foster a baby elephant or rhino and which offers regular updates on your baby via Keeper's Diary. Trips to the Sanctuary are also available. It's an organization that does such great work and is well worth checking-out... I invite you to follow the links.

  Latest News!​​​​ Alison's solo project

    "Freeway" & 

      ​"Freeway - The Remixes"


release commences

~ 8th September 2017 ~


Alison Fleming... an English singer songwriter with her own style in words and music. She has written hundreds of songs both solo and in collaboration.

A songwriting partnership with musically renowned Tony Lowe (Producer) has created three Lowe/Fleming albums to date, two of which made the music industry's Grammy lists 2007 and 2008. First album, 'All of the Above' was performed for charity live in London in October 2008. She is credited as co-writer for lyrics and performance as the 'voice of the ghost' on Tony Lowe's progressive rock album, 'ESP - Invisible Din' released on 11/11/2016.