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Alison's Sound

Recognised among musical colleagues for 'clear-water' vocals her writing leans on instinct and gravitates towards organic arrangements with dynamic feels and sounds. She has an allusive style with lyrics open to interpretation. Her solo songs are wide ranging - from quirky ballad, to soulful soliloquy, to artsy pop and rock. Genres include singer-songwriter, alternative-indie , dream pop, art rock, free folk, Britpop, experimental, new progressive…and genre-fusion. Electronic remixes courtesy of producer Paul Baggott add an extra slant to her catalogue. Her sound has found multiple comparisons including Edie Brickell, Suzanne Vega, Annie Lennox and Carole King. Remixes have prompted mention of artists such as Daft Punk, Evanescence, Massive Attack and Halsey. Reviews.


Alison Fleming is a longtime songwriter and recording artist originally from an RAF family who later settled in Yorkshire UK. She now lives in Colorado, USA.

During her childhood she took piano lessons but found it easy to remember the keys on the keyboard without having to read music and preferred to tinker with her own chords and melodies. Her mother's love of film musicals rubbed off on her with classics such as, 'The Sound of Music' and 'Funny Girl'. She enjoyed English Literature, especially in pursuit of exploring an author's intended meaning. With a knack for poetry, she found herself winning poetry competitions at school. She also loved to journal as if it was important to keep a record of her dreams and thoughts and feelings. 

In her adolescent years she took up the acoustic guitar, something that went with her everywhere, but it wasn't until her mid twenties while working in publishing that she started putting music to her poetry and writings. The drive was purely emotional - a want to share experiences, thoughts and feelings in a creative way and to write songs she'd like to listen to, herself. 

Her first tracks composed on guitar, had an acoustic folk-feel. As her studio evolved so did her creative form - singer-songwriter, alternative-indie , dream pop, art rock, free folk, Britpop, experimental, new progressive…and genre-fusion - while a penchant for ambiguous chords and phrasing and a progressive thread runs through all her songwriting to date.

Her first song-demos to industry in the 80's were well received among A&R folk in London UK, who asked her to put the tracks into better shape.

Enter renowned guitarist producer creator, Tony Lowe - now longtime musical colleague and friend - whose first productions of her tracks were pivotal in garnering the interest of Chrysalis Records, and later of Hit and Run Music Publishing (UK).

Lowe and Fleming's co-written albums 'All of the Above' and 'Second Nature' landed on the first ballot lists of the GRAMMY® Awards 2007 and 2008, which is an unprecedented achievement for independent artists.

Alison has contributed variously over the years to Tony Lowe's star studded 'esp project' and has co-written and made guest appearances on other albums on the associated Sunn Creative label.

In 2012 Alison began working also with music producer and songwriter Paul Baggott (UK). She has released five solo albums produced by Paul to date - three under the 'Freeway' project in 2017/2018; followed by  ‘Play On Words’ in March of 2023 and ‘Play On Words - The Remixes’ 24th May 2024. Alison continues to write and record out of her studio at home in Colorado.