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FREEWAY - Songwriter and the Remixes

Release/focus date: Friday 18th May 2018  

NEW 6 minute mashup video by Alison Fleming features a taster of clips from Alison's 2017 CDs 'Freeway' (songwriter version) and 'Freeway - The Remixes' albums that form 18 track, 86 minute digital download Double album ‘Freeway – Songwriter and the Remixes’. 

Now offered together as a Double, because the songs and tracks were created within one time frame as completely different-takes on the same source material and became so very different they required new track names. There are fun comparisons to be made, the material can have you guessing "which track is this one supposed to be?" 

The original CDs (and their downloads) continue to be available for purchase separately at: 


album promo edit (June 2018) running time of 5 minutes

album promo original (May 2018) running time of 6:07 minutes

Freeway - The Remixes album

EDM - prog trance, psytrance, trip hop, techno, house, alternative R&B/jazz/soul, the Producer's Cut on Alison's songwriter tracks